Achieve results with Central Fitness

Central Fitness Gym is owned and run by Lee Marshall and Matt Griffiths.

After training together for around four years Lee and Matt decided to collaborate on a gym after becoming disheartened with what was offered by other facilities.

The aim was to create a friendly training environment where men and women can train effectively and efficiently without all the nonsense frills of the large health club chains and their inexperienced personal trainers. At Central Fitness everyone is catered for, the speciality of the gymnasium stands apart from other facilities, however is the vast training, nutrition and functionality offered from the trainers and the specialist equipment. This is not a health club where exuberant membership prices and scores of people who never really improve go to workout. Central Fitness is a facility designed to work and work effectively.

We effectively train MMA fighters, Rugby players, Judo players, Rowers and various other athletes along with anyone from the general public willing to listen and learn from the experience of the staff.

The whole team pride themselves on having both a functional and friendly environment to train in and this is reflected by our ever increasing numbers.

If you want to actually improve and reach your goals, forget the DVD workouts, forget the fresh out of college PTs at chain health clubs and come to a place run by people involved in Sport, people who would do this if they did or didn’t run a facility; the people who have done it and helped countless others do it.

Come and join us at Central Fitness and realise your true potential.